Various free extensions for SCSM (System Center Service Manager) from Microsoft. Thanks to our great enthusiasm for the System Center Service Manager, we have developed a few small extensions over the years, which we are happy to make available to you free of charge.

Advanced Console Search


The advanced search in System Center Service Manager allows analysts to search for (search) queries that they have made in SCSM. (Search) requests that have already been made are stored and can be easily retrieved. Thus, (search) queries can be specifically created, stored and easily reused.

  • Create and save search queries
  • Reuse of search queries in the SCSM console
  • Each query is stored on the workstation of the respective analyst

Email Template Tester


With the Template Tester you can easily check e-mail templates generated in SCSM for their functionality. The tester shows you the different results of the templates for the respective objects and immediately points out possible problems.

  • Notification templates can be tested directly from the console
  • Testing of HTML layout as well as source code output
  • Easier to find problems in the templates

Entity Explorer


Entity Explorer helps you as an administrator to browse the Service Manager class model and get information about classes, relationships, enumerations and objects that live in the CMDB.

  • Transparent browsing of the CMDB data model (classes and enumerations).
  • Displays the data model hierarchy in a comprehensive tree view with class properties and relationships
  • Displays existing objects with property values
  • Advanced search capabilities

Clone User Role


Creating user profiles/user roles for Service Manager can be cumbersome, among other things. Especially when you consider the different tasks and templates. This management tool allows you to easily copy the different roles/profiles and apply all settings directly to the new profile/role.

  • Copying of all/any user roles
  • Optionally overwrite the profile for the cloned copy
  • Users can be optionally duplicated/inserted into the cloned copy
  • Paste/copy the user profile into another management group

MPB Maker


The MPB Maker supports you in creating management pack bundles, so-called .mpb files. The bundles may be necessary if, for example, you need to deploy management packs together with images or forms, or you want to combine several management packs into a single one.

  • Bundle management packages with resource files and images
  • Bundle multiple management packages
  • Supports bundling of both sealed and unsealed management packages