Asset Management for SCSM (System Center Service Manager) from Operaio extends the existing capabilities of SCSM and empowers you as an organization to manage existing hardware, software and licenses. Not only can the entire inventory of hardware be tracked throughout its lifecycle, but information on the location, users and cost effectiveness of the various products can be accessed at any time.


The ITSM Asset Management from Operaio checks the software inventories against purchased licenses and allows you to assign the different licenses to end users manually or automatically. In addition, you can add further technical details to your software assets, which will give you information about the possible deployment of the software on your computers.

In the IT Asset Management (ITAM) for SCSM, we offer you different types of contracts. You can choose between a lease, warranty or service contract, which is tied to the respective assets. All data is stored in the Service Manager Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and can be viewed transparently at any time in the Service Manager Console or in the Operaio Analyst Portal.

  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Management of Software Assets
  • Control of background information such as organizational units, cost centers, persons, etc.
  • Management of different contract types
  • Automatic workflows for continuous updating of data
  • Clear forms for console and Operaio ITSM portal for analysts