Operaio’s Productivity Pack for SCSM includes a variety of software products to enhance your System Center Service Manager (SCSM). These can be purchased individually or as a complete package. From the price of just four individual products, you get the entire Productivity Pack with a total of 13 add-ons to enhance your SCSM.

Through our years of experience in ITSM, we know what needs and requirements our customers have and that these are not always covered by System Center Service Manager (SCSM). That’s why we have developed specific add-ons for SCSM that close exactly these gaps. Our goal is to make workflows more efficient for analysts and administrators and thus make their daily work easier.

Each extension can be purchased individually. We also offer a license for the entire Operaio Productivity Pack for SCSM, so you get the maximum benefit from the extensions. With just four individual products, you will be better off with the entire package and get 13 extensions for the price of four. In addition, we offer you the possibility to get the latest updates with an annual Maintenance & Support contract. Updates are released on a quarterly basis.

Advanced View Editor

The Advanced View Editor for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) allows analysts to easily create and maintain advanced views in the SCSM console.

CMDB Visualizer

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Visualizer for SCSM allows you to visualize objects and relationships to other objects.

Power Print

With Power Print for SCSM you can configure printouts for work and configuration items in a very simple way.

Preview Forms

With Preview Forms you have an overview of the most important properties of a work item without opening it.

Smart Auto Close

With Smart Auto Close, different work item types can be closed automatically after a defined number of days.

Billable Time

Billable Time for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) allows analysts to record the exact time they have worked on incidents.

Deferral Activity

The Deferral Activity for the SCSM behaves like a manual activity or a review activity, but can be automated.

PowerShell Activity

With PowerShell Activities for System Center Service Manager, you can automate tasks in a very simple way.


Send Mail for SCSM allows analysts to send emails with questions or informational messages about tickets they are currently working on.

Checklist Activities

The Checklist Activities for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) allows you to add multiple steps to a process as a simple checklist.

Excel Add-In

The Operaio Excel Add-in for SCSM allows you to export and modify SCSM class instances directly in your Excel worksheet.

PowerShell Tasks

With PowerShell Tasks for Service Center System Manager, you can easily create tasks in the SCSM console that trigger PowerShell scripts.

SMA Connector

The SMA Connector for SCSM allows you to automate certain activities from a work item using an SMA Runbook.