Operaio develops ITSM Software for Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager. The software complements and enhances Microsoft’s SCSM environment and makes your everyday work easier by adding addtional features and automations. Operaio software products for System Center Service Manager are continuously developed and updates released quarterly. In the development of our software products, we gladly accept and implement our customers’ wishes.

With the purchase of an Operaio software license you get the perpetual right to use the software. If you want to benefit from new updates, we offer you an annual maintenance & support contract.

Operaio ITSM Portal

The alternative to SCSM's self-service portal

Operaio’s Web Portal for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) provides an alternative to Microsoft’s SCSM Self-Service Portal and offers you more features.

Operaio Asset Management

Hardware, software and license management

Operaio’s Asset Management for SCSM extends the functionality of SCSM and empowers you as an organization to manage existing hardware, software and licenses.

Operaio SCSM Archive

An easy alternative to the SCSM Datawarehouse

The Operaio SCSM Archive consists of three main components: the archive, a search and access function via your browser, and a reporting tool. It thus offers a fast and intuitive alternative to the SCSM Data Warehouse.

Operaio Productivity Pack

The extensions to close gaps in SCSM

The Productivity Pack for SCSM (System Center Service Manager) contains a variety of add-ons that close existing gaps in Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager.

Operaio SCSM Free Exensions

Free products

Thanks to our great enthusiasm for the System Center Service Manager, we have developed a few small extensions over the years, which we are happy to make available to you free of charge.

Taylor-Made Solutions

Specific needs require specific solutions. We are happy to help you choose the right products, customize them to your needs, or develop a completely unique solution for you.