Operaio’s Web Portal for System Center Service Manager, called Operaio ITSM Portal, offers you a fast and intuitive alternative to SCSM’s self-service portal. Built on HTML5 and CSS3, Operaio’s portal not only offers the same functionality as Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager portal but has been enhanced with additional features. Thus, it offers the maximum benefit to end users as well as analysts.


Operaio’s Web Portal for System Center Service Manager allows end users to view the existing IT service catalog, generate new requests or work on tasks in the workflow.

Analysts can enter new orders or process incidents in the web console. They can also view and edit configuration items in the Service Manager database. It thus offers an alternative to the console – analysts can perform all their work conveniently via the web portal.

With its web-based approach, the ITSM Portal for SCSM increases both the flexibility and productivity of your entire team.

The Operaio ITSM Portal is for both end users and analysts. It is characterized by its speed and intuitive handling, requiring neither SharePoint nor Silverlight. The design is customizable to you and your company and we support and advise you on updates as well as general inquiries.

  • SCSM Portal for end users and analysts on the web
  • Clear, fast and intuitive
  • Fully customizable design on corporate CICD
  • Knowledge Base
  • Support for Announcements
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Professional support
  • Continuous development with four updates per year
  • Customer requirements are taken into account for further development
  • The software can be purchased as an end-user portal, as an analyst portal or combined as a Portal Suite