Search in SCMS à la Google-style

Management Summary:
Analysts often complain that existing information in Service Manager is difficult to retrieve. Resolution texts from old incidents could be very helpful and speed up end-user support. The Operaio SCSM Archive offers a remedy for this. The associated website is similar to a search engine such as Google and offers analysts the possibility to search through all information quickly and in a very targeted manner.

One of the major discussions with our customers is how to make existing data in the Service Manager usable. Meaning for example, searching for past incidents in order to find possible solutions. Or other use cases are a historical search for tickets with the same affected user, the same affected asset, etc.

The Service Manager offers only a limited number and less handy options. The Advanced Search in the console is indeed “Advanced” and most customers do not know in detail how to use it. Furthermore, the included data warehouse is also rather bulky and does not offer a fast and especially nice way to search for specific tickets.

Among other things, this use case has led us to add another product to our innovative product portfolio – the SCSM Archive. The core component is an additional SQL database that stores all SCSM historical data as read-only. An additional IIS website, which runs smoothly in parallel to our ITSM portal, provides a perfect search facility for all analysts. Moreover, the interface is similar to a search engine such as Google. Meaning that the analysts are used to such searches and do not need any special training when our SCSM archive is introduced. Using the advanced search, analysts can search for specific fields, assets or people involved, as well as attachments. The entire solution is completely customizable. When implementing the SCSM Archive, our experts will assist in figuring out what data should be archived and how it can be searched.

Interested? Contact us, we will be happy to organize a live demo of the solution and inspire you with our latest product – Operaio SCSM Archive