Use Case: Audit with SCSM – extremely fast thanks to Operaio SCSM Archive

Management Summary:
An internal or external audit usually means a lot of excitement, as the right information must be found within a short time. If this should be done with the Service Manager, the frustration potential is easily high, as a targeted search is complex. This is where the Operaio SCSM archive can be very helpful. Thanks to the archive SQL database and a website working similar to a search engine, the right information can be found immediately. This ensures a relaxed audit.

Many of our clients consult us because they are facing an internal or external audit. For example, the audit is about determining why specific people within the organization have access to sensitive data, such as HR or finance. In a short period of time, it should be possible to provide the auditor with the relevant service requests and the corresponding approvals. However, this is only one of many requests that are possible during an audit and data needs to be retrieved within the service manager. So much in theory.

However, practice shows that such a specific search within the Service Manager console is not always easy. With the Advanced Search we have a powerful tool at our disposal, but it is rather bulky and not easy to use for the “normal” analyst – as a deep understanding of the class model is required. Meaning a lot of time is lost in searching for the right information.


What you are missing is a quick and easy searchable archive for all information that is available in the Service Manager. Among other things, this use case has inspired us to extend our innovative product range with another tool – the SCSM Archive. The SCSM Archive consists of an additional SQL database which archives all historical data from SCSM and thus also relieves the CMDB. Additionally, an IIS web page is included, which allows to search all existing data immediately. For the interface we have oriented ourselves on a search engine, as this is very familiar to analysts.

During the revision you are now able to search for single terms, for affected configuration items, for affected users or any other field within SCSM and get this data presented clearly. The feedback from our customers is very positive and the SCSM archive makes a revision considerably more efficient.

Interested? Contact us, we will be happy to organize a live demo of the solution and inspire you with our latest product – Operaio SCSM Archive.