Replace Service Manager Console with Analyst Portal

Management Summary:
Is the SCSM console causing you trouble? The analysts complain about bad handling and lack of performance when working from the home office? The Operaio ITSM Portal offers not only a self-service portal, but also a web interface for analysts. Our goal has always been to make the SCSM console redundant for analysts. Analysts can access and edit their tickets from anywhere with good performance.

How do your analysts work with the Service Manager? The answer here is often: with the SCSM Console! The SCSM Console can be installed on any computer and connects to an SCSM Management Server. In the SCSM console, the analysts now process the open tickets. However, we receive rather negative feedback about the console from many customers. It is unwieldly, requires a lot of resources on the computer – operation on a terminal server or via VPN from the home office is practically impossible.

A solution to these problems would be an equivalent web interface in which the analysts can perform exactly the same tasks as in the console – an analyst portal. There are several options on the market that promise exactly such a solution. The solutions known to us offer many functions and can support the daily work of the analysts very well.

However, what we are looking for now, is an optimal price-performance ratio. After all, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL and the Service Manager must already be licensed for the operation of SCSM. A third-party tool such as an extended ITSM portal should therefore not only be useful, but also affordable.

From our point of view, the Operaio ITSM Portal offers the optimal solution! Our analyst portal does not have a complete own architecture, respectively representation, but maps the SCSM console very accurately. Analysts who know how to use the SCSM console will be able to use the Operaio Analyst Portal within a short time. Moreover, the portal is accessible from anywhere and from any device and does not require any local installation. Our customers are also very satisfied with the great performance optimization that the analyst portal offers compared to the traditional console. So in the future you don’t need to bundle and distribute SCSM console anymore – everything that analysts need is the link to the analyst portal!

Interested? Contact us, we will be happy to organize a live demo of the solution and inspire you with our latest product – Operaio ITSM Portal