Operaio expands its management team with Raphael Krebs as Head of Development

For more than 5 years we have been working closely with Raphael Krebs and have successfully achieved many successes and challenges together. Now we are welcoming Raphael to the board of the management team. As Head of Development, he will take over the management of software development and contribute to the management team with a new and fresh perspective.

Here’s what Raphael saying about his new responsibilities since February 1, 2023: “I’m looking forward to the upcoming challenges and commitments that come with this new role. On the one hand, I can directly incorporate the know-how from my recently completed studies in industrial engineering and management sciences into the management area. On the other hand, I can continue to fully pursue my passion as a developer and competently support and coordinate our team.”

Crabby, as he is often called in our company, is a professional electronics engineer and has already gained experience in hardware development. Over the years, his enthusiasm for software development grew, which is why he decided to make a lateral move into the IT world. With success because today he is proud to be Head of Development and part of the Operaio management team.

“The inclusion of Raphael Krebs in the management team pleases us first and foremost on a personal level, because with Raphael we continue to promote our first employee and long-time companion and we can benefit from his extensive knowledge. In addition, we are also showing our customers how important the further development of our software products is to us,” say Adrian Probst and Marcello Rosenberg, co-founders of Operaio.